our beginning

Crisp fresh air, delicious Mediterranean food, and simple, durable, handmade clothes. I’m forever grateful for my childhood on the sea and want to provide the same for my kids. That’s why I decided to start my family, and my business, in Malibu.

all you need is less

We produce our clothes in small batches and we do it close to home, which reduces waste and minimizes our carbon footprint.

we care for your child's wellbeing

Did you know that the quality of the fabric your child wears might affect their nervous system? From the Ayurvedic perspective, touch affects the Vata Dosh, which governs the nervous system. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is important to consciously choose friendly fabrics for your child. Our soft, natural, and durable organic fabrics will ensure comfort and wellbeing.

organic clothing for the universal child

Imagine a place that is peaceful, free, and all embracing. Where kids come together to play and celebrate life, and learn to leave better place behind. You want the very best for your family. We help you give it to them. Start your journey with us now!